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Volumising Root Spray 160ml

Volumising Root Spray 160ml

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Volumising root spray for fine, lifeless, floppy hair.




• Thanks to the special nozzle, it lifts from roots to ends without weighing the hair down.
• It guarantees volume for even the finest hair.
• Strengthens and densifies.
• Provides hold to the hairstyle.

Olfactory sensations

Olfactory bouquet: marigold, geranium, tangerine, coriander. Flowering and stimulating fragrances, for a treatment that offers tone and hold to fine hair and hair that tends to go limp.


Apply at the root on damp hair, avoiding the scalp. Distribute evenly with the comb.

Did you know?
• The dispensing tube enables a targeted application on the roots.
• It is used only on the first centimeter of hair, starting from the root
• It is also ideal for men, to give volume to the base before drying and create voluminous styling effects.
• For a long lasting hairstyle, use it in combination with FLUX POTION, to be applied along the hair.
• The polysaccharides from Linden Buds improve the cuticle condition and fight static flyaways.

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