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Garland of Hope

Soul Practice Oracle Cards

Soul Practice Oracle Cards

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The Soul Practice Oracle Cards were channelled into the physical form by intuitive mentor and energy practitioner, Bronwyn Garland to support you to evoke a greater connection to yourself, each other and the planet. The cards can be incorporated into your daily practice and are also used by coaches, teachers and healers with their clients.

To ensure that the vibration of the cards are at their highest integrity, Bronwyn carefully chose a printer who is sustainable, ethical and prints in Australia to reduce the carbon footprint and the amount of hands that touch the cards before they come to you.

The ancient tool of oracle cards is used to access information from deep within your soul, deep within your subconscious mind, and body. The Soul Practice Oracle Cards embody the same aspect as other oracle cards; when you shuffle the cards you emit a unique frequency or vibration that selects a card that is an energetic match for you right here, right now. The difference is that The Soul Practice Oracle Cards are designed with the intent to provide you with a practice or action that will support you to come into alignment with your body, mind and soul. The practices will connect you to yourself, to others and to the earth. When we are in alignment and connected we experience prosperity, love, joy and happiness… Life is magical!

The 44 practices embody the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each element has a specific energetic property that aligns to the practice in that suit. The sacred geometry and image correlates to each element and emits an energetic frequency that balances and harmonises your connection with the element and the earth.

This Deck Can Help You:

Create a daily practice
See opportunity in the situation
Take positive action
Expand your intuition
Increase your connection to nature, yourself and others
Feel a sense of peace
Bring your dreams into reality
Know your inner gifts and qualities
Find healing during emotionally challenging times
Exude infinite gratitude and maximise your potential
Give you variety in your daily practices

Who would Love this Deck:

People who want to feel Joy, Love and Happiness
Art Lovers
Nature Lovers
People seeking healing
Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Teachers and Healers
People seeking greater connection to themselves, each other and the land
You don’t need to have experience with spiritual practices or oracle cards to receive benefits from the deck

How Anyone Can Use These Cards:

Close your eyes, take three deep cleansing breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Be still
Ask a question such as “What practice will bring me into alignment right now.” or “What practice will support me to be present and see opportunities.” or “What practice will support me to heal my heart.”
Shuffle the cards until you feel called to stop.
Draw a card from anywhere in the deck.
Observe the image and read the message on the card.
Look up the practice in the booklet and go ahead and do the practice


The graphics in this Soul Practice Oracle Deck have been carefully and lovingly designed to enhance your experience and journey with the practices. Visual style can impact significantly on the way you feel, and symbols have the power to seep deep into your subconscious, whether you are aware of it or not.

Sacred geometry is part of an ancient science that explores the energetic patterns, balance and harmony of the natural world, and has been revered by many cultures and great minds throughout the ages.

Plato, in 350 B.C.E, understood there to be 5 perfect 3 dimensional forms – 4 of which are contained in these cards for the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Infused into this deck, the geometry serves to deepen your connection, and subtly match your frequency to the element on the card you have drawn.

The cards also feature Bronwyn's original photographs, each capturing moments of magic from Bronwyn’s daily life. Coupled with the power of the geometry, the images encourage further connection with the specific elements, and help you to feel calm and inspired to undertake the practices.

May the design assist you on your quest for alignment with your truest self,

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